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21-09-04 12:02 FRONTKICK 39 Guns By MIKE

FRONTKICK was born in December 1999 as, Marti Neurotic and Victor Bisonte moved away from Mallorca island and landed in Berlin, they split up with their old band “OI! The Arrase” and decided to form a new band in their new hometown, after a couple of meetings with “musicians” they met Rassel, who introduced to them Veit, old fella of him and used to play together in bands such as “Muckefuck” and “Mutant Family”, so was formed the first Frontkick line-up: Veit at drums, Victor Bisonte at vocals, Marti Neurotic played guitar and Rassel did his job with the bass. Two months after their first rehearsal they recorded their debut demo-tape “Streetpunk Rebels”. It was rough and hard streetpunk with lyrics in Spanish and English, this was engineered by Hard H. from “Scattergun”, this demo was released on CD afterwards by Italian label. The demo brought ’em in contact with Bad Dog Recs. and startet to deal for their debut 7”, after a couple of weeks they recorded the “ Berlin Rejects” recorded in Wild At Heart Studios, it was going on the same way than the demo and containing also songs from this one, released in the year ’00 on vinyl by Bad Dog Records (Germany) and CD by Bronco Bullfrog Records (Spain), they did a bunch of gig’s in Berlin city and across Germany supporting bands such as: One way System, Angelic Upstarts, Leatherface, Menace and they took part of the first edition of the “Holidays In The Sun ‘00” in Berlin, becoming the first band in the story of this festival singing in Spanish-English and sharing stage with bands such as: Dropkick Murphy’s, Reazione, The Crack, The Casualties, Stiff Little Fingers and more dinosaurs of punkrock. Also they had a lot of fun by touring with friends such as Scattergun, Slamtilt!, etc….. After an Italian tour Rassel decided to quit and by the time their friends “Slamtil!” broke up, so…they didn’t have a bass player and Stephan was unemployed, he was the greatest Frontkick fan anyway, and decided to join them, which was a great success for the band, they did some gig’s with this line-up, supporting bands such as: The Forgotten or Sixer, and they were working on new songs for what should be their first long length, but then…. Victor Bisonte quit the band and went back to Mallorca, so the only way that they could go on was that Marti would carry on with the vocals, and so they did, surprisely the band got a brand new charm and finally recorded their debut album in summer ’02, the album was called “Guitars and Crime” and included 15 songs of fresh and wild punkrock. The album was released in Germany by Bad Dog Records on CD, by Nasty Vinyl on Vinyl, in Spain by Bronco Bullfrog Records and in Brazil by Rotten Records. The band toured Germany, Switzerland, and went to Mallorca for a festival, they supported: G.B.H., Angelic Upstarts, The Distillers, Discontent, Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale, Down and Away, and friends like Scattergun, Oxymoron or ZSK. At the end of ’02 they recorded a split 7” with “Voice Of A Generation”, a limited edition to 555 copies, recorded and mixed by former Slamtilt! Guitar player Kim Krüger and released by Bronco Bullfrog Records and Band Worm, also in December of that year Scattergun broke up; and as Frontkick was looking for a rythmic guitar player, they decided to pick Hardy up, and then the band toured with ONE MAN ARMY on their European tour. Frontkick have been playing in several Punk festivals and shows this year plus recorded their brand new album “Underground Stories” in Sonic Temple Studios from Mallorca may 04, this album will be released by Bronco Bullfrog Records on CD and has been licensed to Knockout Records for the vinyl edition. Frontkick have also recorded a videoclip for the song “36 Guns” and will appear in a good number of compilations from Rusia, USA, UK, Germany, Spain….
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From Vicenza (Italy), DEROZER formed in 1991. The actual line-up of this Punk Rock Power Trio is: Seby (guitar and vocal), Mendez (bass guitar), Spasio (drum and backing vocal) Four full length album a couples of seven inch and hundreds sampler all over the world is the discography of DEROZER. The l... [more]

By Mike, 12-04-05 17:11

Diana Ross & the Supremes & the Temptations I´m loosing you - Thursday 7. of April
Artist: Diana Ross & the Supremes
The most successful black performers of the '60s, the Supremes for a time rivaled even the Beatles in terms of red-hot commercial appeal, reeling off five number one singles in a row at one point. Critical revisionism has tended to undervalue the Supremes' accompli...

By Mike, 7-04-05 00:46

UMBRELLA BED Sweet Home Kamchatka - Friday 25. of March
Umbrella Bed is a nine-piece ska band based out of tropical Minneapolis, Minnesota. Begun by Ringo Alaska (then known as Ringo the Fork) in 1961 as a project to reduce community service hours, Umbrella Bed has been a blight on an otherwise spotless criminal career. UB has been engaged in a wide rang... [more]

By Mike, 25-03-05 12:55

Los Fastidios, born in 1991, is one of the most important italian streetpunk bands, hundreds of gigs all over Europe, from Sicily to Cape North acrossing Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croazia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Euskadi, Osterrich, Sweden, Norway, etc.
In the...

By Mike, 21-03-05 18:24

PASCOW TRAMPEN NACH NORDEN - Thursday 23. of December
2002: Nach einem Demo-Tape und einer EP ist es nun also fertig, Pascow`s Debüt über die volle Distanz. 15 Songs mit deutschen Texten. Deutschpunk? Keine Ahnung, Schubladen gibt´s bei Ikea...
Bereits vor einiger Zeit haben sich Pascow einen vierten Mann in`s Boot geholt und beweisen nun mit diesem A...

By Mike, 23-12-04 15:09

TAGTRAUM ICH BIN - Monday 29. of November
Wenn eine Band seit über 11 Jahren existiert, sich durch alle Widrigkeiten des musikalischen Untergrunds gekämpft und selbst radikale Besetzungswechsel schadlos überstanden hat, dann weiß man, dass diese Band es ernst meint. TAGTRAUM aus Schweinfurt bekamen noch nie etwas geschenkt, organisierten je... [more]

By Mike, 29-11-04 17:43

H-BLOCK 101 BURNING WITH THE TIMES PART.5 - Wednesday 27. of October
Hblock101 - A Brief History...
Forming in early 1995, HBlock101 started playing around the Melbourne pub scene and was starting to gain recognition as one of the more energetic and entertaining bands to come out of what was a seemingly dull music circuit. Playing distinctively untrendy late 70s inf...

By Mike, 27-10-04 12:08

ZSK KEINE ANGST - Wednesday 20. of October
From Protest To Resistance The story of ZSK sounds like a classic Punkrock fairy-tale. Four friends start a Punkrock band and begin practicing in the basement of their parents’ house. The first demo-tape sells over 500 copies and beside of shows in small clubs and squats, they play generator-gigs in... [more]

By Mike, 20-10-04 17:21

H-BLOCK 101 BURNING WITH THE TIMES PART.4 - Saturday 16. of October
Hblock101 - A Brief History...
Forming in early 1995, HBlock101 started playing around the Melbourne pub scene and was starting to gain recognition as one of the more energetic and entertaining bands to come out of what was a seemingly dull music circuit. Playing distinctively untrendy late 70s inf...

By Mike, 16-10-04 11:17

JOHNNY CASH ONE PIECE AT A TIME - Tuesday 12. of October
Part country singer, part folk hero, Johnny Cash was one of the towering figures of American popular music. His effect on other musicians has been greater than his commercial success--and his commercial success has been huge (more than 100 top 40 country hits, plus a dozen pop hits). Johnny Cash has... [more]

By Mike, 12-10-04 16:35

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